About Us

Wave Volleyball Club was formed to provide local and regional athletes an opportunity to train and play in an environment and structure typically found in larger centers in BC.  We work closely with some of the best high performance technical and strength coaches in the Canada and our athletes are gaining a reputation for their high calibre of play.  We teach our athletes the game of volleyball including all aspects of skills training, tactical knowledge, and match strategies.  Additionally, we teach our athletes to engage their mind, problem solve, exert full effort, embrace challenges, be a positive and supportive teammate and compete with confidence and passion.

We expect a high level of commitment from everyone involved with Wave Volleyball Club and seek athletes who want to put in the time and work necessary to be the best volleyball player they can be.  Our coaches and directors share that commitment and work tirelessly to build highly successful programs.

We are committed to ensuring that every Wave Volleyball Club athlete has a positive experience that fuels their love of volleyball and competition. We focus on the process over results and we measure our success by the distance traveled in the development of our athletes on and off the court.