David Stover

Founder / Coach

As a child of competitive athlete parents, team sports have always been a central focus of my life.  As a young athlete, I was fortunate to play with some great local athletes, on great teams and reached the pinnacle of success in Rugby and Softball with provincial and national championship titles. The success as a youth opened doors at the university level where I played varsity rugby for UVIC.  Volleyball was my passion; however I was not good enough to earn playing time at the varsity level.  Rugby then became my sport of choice and our program was the best in North America.

After completing four years in the School of Physical Education, I transferred into an Arts degree program and eventually graduating with land use planning and development and business as my focus. Relocating back to Campbell River provided both business opportunities and the opportunity to start a family.  My middle child Lauryn brought me back to the game of volleyball.  Lauryn grew fast in grade 4 and 5 and with her towering height (at the time) wanted to play volleyball.  In grade 6 and 7 at middle school there was no organized opportunities for a team.  In grade 8 she convinced me to coach and promised at least 10 girls in the gym to make up a team. She spread the word and we started with 27 girls.  Our first school season provided the experience to not only formalize Lauryn’s age group in volleyball, but it set me on a path to coach, create and build.

After three years of coaching with Crush Volleyball, with my life long friend, Lee Mckillican, we created Wave Volleyball Club.  We witnessed a need in our area to offer something more competitive than what the two local clubs were offering.  With modest goals, we started coaching our 17U group which finished 5th in BC and 18th in Canada in 2017.

With the arrival of additional HP coaches to our area, my focus these days is to build our club into one of the premiere youth volleyball clubs in BC and Canada. I spend my time these days doing what I love to do, which is building and creating with a little coaching sprinkled in. I’m a fully certified level 2 indoor coach.

Contact info:
250 287 0550