Training Concepts

Making the decision to join a high-performance program is a big decision for the athlete and their families. Mission Statements and visionary phrases are important strategies for an organization but tend to lack specifics.  Outlined below are specific details about how we train and what we expect.

Our goal is for every athlete to reach their maximum potential.  It is important that they are technically sound in the necessary fundamental skills to play at every level of volleyball in the world.  These are lofty goals, but we see no reason why we can’t set out to achieve them. Specifically, we teach our athletes be as efficient, quick, explosive, and powerful as possible. These motor skills in combination with technical skill development provides the basis for our excellence.

Wave Volleyball athletes will become complete volleyball players. All athletes learn every volleyball skill at practice, not just those that are most common to their current position. As a developing volleyball athlete, you never know what position you will end up playing in high school or college.  The more well rounded and adept at different positions and skills you are the more versatile and valuable you will be to any team.

Female volleyball players tend to be academically driven and intellectually focused. To be a great volleyball player, athletes must engage in the process of learning.  The ability to learn and change is the paramount to success on the court.  We encourage critical thinking. We want our athletes to ask and understand “why” and not just the “what”, “when” and “how”. At the highest level (the level we aspire to play at), the game is fast and powerful.   Split second reading and decision making is performed by the mind. A mindset that is focused, visionary and intelligent contributes greatly to becoming a top performer.

Our athletes are encouraged to take risks and make mistakes at practice. An athlete can’t make positive change and improve without making mistakes and having the freedom to try something new and different. Our coaches create an environment that supports this key aspect of learning.

As a club, we understand that HP athletes need balance with their training regimen.  Delivering balance improves enjoyment while they practice, train, and compete.  Research has proven that skills are best learned in the environment they will be used in. We teach volleyball using drills that are as game like as possible, which results in a higher rate of transfer from practice to competition. Wave coaches structure practices so that athletes learn while competing. Most of all, playing is fun!

Lastly, we will encourage our athlete’s train and compete on the sand.  We feel that playing the beach game is a great way to develop all-around volleyball players who can read the game and move well on the court.

We hope to ignite and further fuel the passion for the game of volleyball in every Wave Volleyball athlete.